DARK BROWN – Picture Perfect Brows

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The essential kit for your make-up bag. look like a movie star without the expense of using professional make-up artists. With the innovative use of stencils, combined with the colour combination that’s right for your complexion, you can produce perfectly shaped, beautifully defined eyebrows every time. The Picture Perfect Brows Kit contains 3 different stencils, so you can create that unique look for every occasion. From a thin, neat professional arch to powerful wow factor shapes, when you need to look like a star, Picture Perfect Brows is there for you.

Includes Long lasting Powder, 3 stencils and brush.

Smudge Proof, Sweat Proof and Water Resistant. Over 700 applications.

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Have you tried Ruby? Have a Brow Issue?

With age, hormones, stress, over plucking, tinting and clogging pores our brows get thinner, fade at the edges and lose there shape.

Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brow is the Solutions

In 60 seconds you can define your brow line with our smudge proof, waterproof natural looking, colour matched brow powder and regain your natural brow shape. Wear Ruby brows every day (with or with out other makeup) and see your brow lift and define your features. Look younger, healthy and fresh.
Smudge proof, workout/swim/sweat, touch,dress, caress, sleep and wake up fresh

The secret:

Ruby Stencils- 3 reusable Ruby Brow stencils are included in the Picture Perfect Brow Kit. Clear in colour they are designed to offer you the arch and shape that fits your look. One size fits all, pick the one that suits you today. Start at the inner corner of your eye, line up with your arch, fill in Brow powder, then work powder from arch to the outer corner of your eye.

It’s fast and easy. No glasses needed. It will look good on you.

The Brush -salon quality double sided hypo-allergenic brush included

Ruby Brow Picture Perfect Brow Powder

The powder allows for growth and is super lightweight- won’t clog the pores like an oily pencil or leave a harsh line

Lasts all day, works on all skin types, dry or oily and will not transfer onto a pillow

Can be removed with soap and water or make up remover

Looks natural, like real hair/fibrous-not oily

Colour Match Guide

Ruby Picture Perfect Brows is available in 4 colour match shades. Choose a shade that is darker than your roots.

Dark Brown: Go to for most women, it will looks good on everyone, all brunettes, any dark hair.

Irid: Dark red heads or Asian complexions

Charcoal: Ash blondes, grey, dark Caucasians, black hair

Brown: White blonde hair, people with invisible eyebrows or hair loss due to alopecia or chemo